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Research Field in Dentistry, Medical and Dental Sciences Area Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences Health Research Course Developmental Medicine Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor


  • 博士(歯学) ( 2020.3   九州歯科大学 )

Research Areas

  • Life Science / Social dentistry


  • Kyushu Dental College

    - 2020.3

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    Country: Japan

  • Fukuoka Dental College

    - 2015.3

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    Country: Japan

Research History

  • 鹿児島県口腔保健支援センター   健康増進課   職員(医療系)


  • Kagoshima University   Research Field in Dentistry, Medical and Dental Sciences Area Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences Health Research Course Developmental Medicine   Assistant Professor


  • 熊本市北区役所   熊本市北区役所保健こども課   職員(医療系)

    2019.4 - 2020.3

Qualification acquired

  • Authorized medicine



  • Okada Keiko, Hamasaki Tomoko, Kakuta Satoko, Park Ji-Woo, Shigeyama Hiroyo, Kataoka Shota, Yamada Shima, Sakai Rie, Serita Chiho, Shiraki Hikaru, Hoshino Yukitaka, Sagara Ken, Hiroshimaya Takatoshi, Iwasaki Masanori, Aosa Taishi, Matsumoto Kenichi, Ishida Shoji, Demizu Mikio, Taira Yasusi, Otsu Natsumi, Kuratomi Keitaro, Kanemitu Mayumi, Suenaga Kimie, Kawabata Masumi, Tari Hisami, Tujimoto Tosimi, Sonoda Machiko, Yuda Hikaru, Torii Hiroko, Ito Mihoko, Kiko Manami, Nakano Nagisa, Tsutsui Shuichi, Ansai Toshihiro .  Nutritional Evaluation and Results of an Oral Care Project in Buzen City .  The Japanese Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics81 ( 1 ) 40 - 49   2023.2Nutritional Evaluation and Results of an Oral Care Project in Buzen City

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    Language:Japanese   Publisher:The Japanese Society of Nutrition and Dietetics  

    <p><b>Objective:</b> Buzen City is developing a home-visit dental-care project for the elderly. In this study, we surveyed and analyzed oral health before and after oral care with an aim to clarify the relationship between and changes in nutrition, nutrient intake, diversity of food intake, oral health, and general health conditions.</p><p>Activity Content: In all, 207 residents of Buzen City aged 65 years or higher participated in our study. The baseline assessment included the determination of oral, physical, and nutritional status and dietary intake along with blood tests. Dentists, dental hygienists, and registered dietitians provided oral care and nutritional guidance to the participants, after which the participants were re-evaluated.</p><p><b>Results:</b> The participants' skeletal muscle index and mass after receiving oral care were significantly higher than the corresponding values at baseline. Furthermore, following oral care, the percentage of participants with good nutritional status increased. Therefore, multivariate logistic regression analysis was performed using the Mini Nutritional Assessment Short Form (MNA-SF) during the re-assessment. Consequently, we found that the baseline SMI and dietary variety score (DVS) were significantly associated with malnutrition.</p><p>Future Tasks: This study is a practical and significant approach, since improvement in oral, nutritional, and general health conditions. Home-visit dental treatment and oral care provide an advantage in terms of understanding the eating habits and living conditions of individuals. However, there are few cases of collaboration between dentists and registered dietitians. In the future, we aim to develop a model system of oral nutrition collaboration.</p>

    DOI: 10.5264/eiyogakuzashi.81.40

  • 廣島屋 貴俊, 山下 浩司, 於保 孝彦 .  陸上自衛隊員の歯科受診歴が訓練期間中の歯科保健行動に与える影響 .  口腔衛生学会雑誌72 ( 4 ) 234 - 240   2022.10陸上自衛隊員の歯科受診歴が訓練期間中の歯科保健行動に与える影響

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    Language:Japanese   Publisher:(一社)日本口腔衛生学会  

  • 廣島屋貴俊,岩崎正則,酒井理恵,角田聡子,濱嵜朋子,片岡正太,筒井修一,安細敏弘 .  75歳以上在宅要支援・要介護高齢者における全身の骨格筋量と舌圧 に関する予備的研究 .  日本口腔衛生学会誌   201875歳以上在宅要支援・要介護高齢者における全身の骨格筋量と舌圧 に関する予備的研究 Reviewed

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    Authorship:Lead author   Language:Japanese   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  


  • 離島住民を対象にしたソーシャルネットワークや余暇活動への参加と舌圧の関連 Reviewed


    ザ・クインテッセンス   2018

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    Language:Japanese   Publishing type:Book review, literature introduction, etc.  


  • 廣島屋貴俊、市川優、於保孝彦   歯周炎と軟部腫瘍の関連について  

    第72回 日本口腔衛生学会・総会  2023.5 

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    Event date: 2023.5


  • 周術期患者における機能歯数と栄養状態の関連  

    第44回九州口腔衛生学会  2022.11  九州口腔衛生学会

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    Event date: 2022.11


  • 廣島屋貴俊、山下浩司、於保孝彦   自衛隊員における訓練期間中のブラッシング行動要因に関する研究  

    第71回日本口腔衛生学会・総会  2022.5 

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    Event date: 2022.5

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Poster presentation  

  • 廣島屋 貴俊   歯の喪失および歯周病の関連について  

    第70回日本口腔衛生学会・総会  2021.5 

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    Event date: 2021.5 - 2021.6

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Poster presentation  


  • 廣島屋貴俊,岩崎正則,角田聡子,安細敏弘   地域在住高齢者における咀嚼能力、食欲とダイナペニアとの関連  


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    Event date: 2019.5

    Language:English   Presentation type:Poster presentation  

  • 廣島屋貴俊,岩崎正則,酒井理恵,角田聡子,濱嵜朋子,片岡正太,筒井修一,安細敏弘   65歳以上在宅要介護高齢者における舌圧と食事摂取量の関連  


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    Event date: 2018.9

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

  • 廣島屋貴俊,岩崎正則,角田聡子,邵 仁浩,酒井理恵,濱崎朋子,石田昌嗣,平良 祥,松本研一,筒井修一,安細敏弘   在宅医療利用高齢者における舌圧と骨格筋量の減少の関連  


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    Event date: 2017.5 - 2017.6

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Poster presentation  

  • 廣島屋貴俊,岩崎正則,角田聡子,邵 仁浩 片岡正太,安細敏弘,西原達次   ミャンマーネピドー在住の小児を対象とした口腔内状況の実態と課題   International conference


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    Event date: 2017.5

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Poster presentation  

  • 廣島屋貴俊,岩崎正則,角田聡子,邵 仁浩,酒井理恵,濱崎朋子,石田昌嗣,平良 祥,松本研一,筒井修一,安細敏弘   75歳以上在宅高齢者における全身の骨格筋量と舌圧の関連  


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    Event date: 2016.9

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Poster presentation  

  • 角田 聡子, 岩崎 正則, 木村 友美, 廣島屋 貴俊, 朴 祇佑, 石本 恭子, 和田 泰三, 坂本 龍太, 藤澤 道子, 奥宮 清人, 松林 公蔵, 安細 敏弘, 小川 祐司   地域在住高齢者における口腔関連QOLとフレイルの関連についての縦断研究  

    日本サルコペニア・フレイル学会雑誌  2020.11  (一社)日本サルコペニア・フレイル学会

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  • 論文奨励賞

    2023.5   日本口腔衛生学会  

  • 優秀発表賞

    2022.11   九州口腔衛生学会   周術期における機能歯数と栄養状態の関連

Research Projects

  • マルチレベル分析による新たな周術期口腔機能管理を目指した口腔機能と起立動作の解明

    2023.4 - 2027.3


Teaching Experience

  • 歯科栄養学


  • 予防歯科学


  • 歯科栄養学


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    Level:Undergraduate (specialized) 


Social Activities

  • 歯科の現状と健康寿命延伸を目的とした保健事業について

    Role(s): Lecturer

    鹿児島県くらし保健福祉部健康増進課   歯科保健担当研修会  2020.9

  • 熊本市北区におけるう蝕の現状について

    Role(s): Lecturer

    熊本市保健こども課  熊本市北区保健こども課職員健康学習会  2019.11

  • 口腔内からみた児童虐待

    Role(s): Lecturer

    熊本市北区保険こども課   熊本市北区児童虐待防止連絡会議  2019.9

  • 口腔と健康寿命の関係について

    Role(s): Lecturer

    一般財団法人予防医学協会  田川市役所 職員健康学習会  2018.5