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  • Kagoshima University Research Field in Education, Law, Economics and the Humanities Area Faculty of Education Teacher Education Course (Social Science Education), Associate Professor, 2013.04 -

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  • Geography


Papers 【 display / non-display

  • English, Color-infrared kite aerial photography with a mirrorless digital SLR camera, Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science, vol.121 (3-4) (pp.319 - 329) , 2018.09, James S. Aber, Susan W. Aber and Toshiro Nagasako

    Research paper (scientific journal), Peer reviewed, Multiple Authorship

  • English, The role of tephras in developing a high-precision chronostratigraphy for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and archaeology in southern Kyushu, Japan, since 30,000 cal. BP: An integration, Quaternary International, vol.397 (pp.79 - 92) , 2016.03, Moriwaki, H., Nakamura N., Nagasako T., Lowe D.J., and Sangawa T.

    Research paper (scientific journal), Peer reviewed, Multiple Authorship

  • English, Geomorphic Developments of the Coastal Landforms on Rarotonga, Cook Islands, South Pacific Ocean, Ron Crocombe: E Toa! Pacific writings to celebrate his life and work. USP Press (Suva) (pp.60 - 74) , 2013.12, Moriwaki, H., Nagasako, T., Okuno, M., Kawai, K., McCormack, G., Cowan, G., and Maoate, P.

    Research paper (scientific journal), Peer reviewed, Multiple Authorship

  • English, Holocene coastal environments and implications for human occupation in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Japan/New Zealand International Symposium: Programme & Selected Papers (New Zealand Studies Society - Japan; University of Waikato, New Zealand) (pp.37 - 38) , 2008.08, Moriwaki, H., Chikamori, M., Okuno, M., Nakamura, T., Nagasako, T., and Lowe, D.J.

    Research paper (international conference proceedings), Peer reviewed, Multiple Authorship

  • English, The geoarchaeology of the Sawame Site of the Shibushi coastal dune, Kyushu Island, Japan, and implications for Japanese history, Research in Anthropology and Linguistics (University of Auckland, New Zealand), vol.5 (pp.231 - 240) , 2001.12, Nagasako, T.

    Research paper (international conference proceedings), Peer reviewed, Single Author

Books 【 display / non-display

  • English, Excursion Guides, Post-congress excursion PO-13, Quaternary volcanism, tephras and associated landscapes in Kyushu Island, 3 August - 6 August, 2015, The XIX INQUA Congress (2015), 2015.08, Moriwaki H., Nagasako T., and Okuno M.

    Other, Joint Editing and Writing

Review Papers 【 display / non-display

  • English, Physiography in Kyushu, Intra-conference Field Trip Guides. INTAV International Field Conference and Workshop on Tephrochronology, Volcanism, and Human Activity, Kirishima City, Kyushu, Japan, 9-17 May, 2010 (pp.76 - 80) , 2010.05, Nagasako, T.

    Introduction and explanation (scientific journal), Single Author