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Takamiya, Hiroto



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  • Kagoshima University Research Field in Integrated Studies, Integrated Arts and Sciences Area International Center for Island Studies, Institute for Research Promotion, Professor, 2010.04 -

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  • Other


Papers 【 display / non-display

  • English, Prehistoric Human Impacts to the Islands of Amami and Okinawa, 81st Annual Meeting Abstracts for SAA, vol.81 (p.438) , 2016.04, Hiroto Takamiya, Hitoshi Yonenobu, Taiji Kurozumi, Takeji Toizumi

    Research paper (scientific journal), No peer review, Multiple Authorship

  • Japanese, Plant Remains Recovered from the Omonawa No.1 and No.4 Shellmidden, The Omonawa Shellmidden Excavation Report, vol.16 (pp.140 - 141) , 2016.03, Takamiya, Hiroto

    Research paper (other science council materials etc.), No peer review, Single Author

  • English, An Extraordinary case in human history: prehistoric hunter-gatherer adaptation to the islands of the Central Ryukyu (Amami and Okinawa archipelagos), Japan, The Holocene, vol.26 (3) (pp.408 - 422) , 2016.03, Hiroto Takamiya, Mark, J. Hudson, Hitoshi Yonenobu, Taiji Kurozumi, Takeji Toizumi

    DOI:10.1177/0959683615609752, Research paper (scientific journal), Peer reviewed, Multiple Authorship

Books 【 display / non-display

  • Japanese, The Islands of Kagoshima Culture and society, Industry, and Nature, 2016.03

    Scholarly Book, Joint Editing and Writing

  • English, Prehistory of the Central Ryukyus, Hokuto Shobo, 2016.03, Hiroto Takamiya

    Scholarly Book, Allotment Writing

  • English, Nature and People, Hokuto Shobo, 2016.03, Takamiya, Hiroto

    Scholarly Book, Allotment Writing